Sunday, November 15, 2015

QQ is going Cray Cray!

Here I am...all boring and gif-less.

Work has been a real drag the past few days. I promise I'll get the funnies back up and rolling soon. Sorry for the delay. 

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Crabby Q

Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 12 - Happy Hour Day

It's still November 12 where I am, so let's celebrate Happy Hour Day.

There are some really great happy hour gifs. Hope you get some giggles!


(Side note: This guy actually looks like my boss a bit, and he's hella awesome!)

Next time you're out enjoying happy hour, have a Corona for me!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 11 - Origami Day

There are quite a few country-specific holidays today. So HAPPY NOVEMBER 11! Here in the states, it's Veteran's Day. Not all of my readership is from the USA, so I'll go for a more generic holiday.

Happy Origami Day!

My attempts at origami are always stupid. Like crumpled paper.

Others try a bit harder...and still fail.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Oops...I did it again. Fear Street #5 - The Wrong Number

I read another one. For some reason, I remember The Wrong Number being one of my favorites. It wasn't bad.

And here is your one warning:

It begins with Deena and Jade hanging out while Jade makes her hair more shiny with Jell-O. I don't quite get it, but her mom is a stylist and it works, I guess.

They decide to add some excitement to their lives by prank calling all of the hottest boys. Then Deena describes her sexy yet semi-criminal half-brother who will be coming to live with her. There are some slight incestuous tones (eww) but Jade is instantly in love with the strange, troubled guy.

Chuck (danger-brother) is almost instantly seen as a hero as he saves a little boy's puppy from an exploding car on the way home from the airport. <3 But he's got an attitude problem.

It seems as though Jade and Deena spend a lot of time together. But don't worry, there's nothing sexy there. Hot Jade is always described as wearing jumpers.

They decide to make more prank calls, and Chuck eavesdrops and picks on the girls, especially poor lonely Deena whose only connection with the class hunk is whispering sweet nothings to him over the phone. But Chuck has a better idea!

He decides to first call a bowling alley. I was half expecting him to use my old prank call:

Yeah, no. Dude called in a bomb threat. The girls go cray cray like "THAT'S ILLEGAL!" But no worries for Chuck - Caller ID doesn't exist yet. Fun side note: There was an article in the paper about the bomb threat and our old friend Cory the gymnast was one of the poor souls evacuated because he was bowling when the threat came in. 

On another night when Deena's parents are mysteriously out of the house (AGAIN! Do these teens have no supervision?!?) Chuck calls a house on Fear Street and a woman answers. She's yelling and scared and needs help/ These kids are her last hope! So they do the logical thing: Call the police Drive over to Fear Street to break into her house (884 Fear Street, if you're keeping track). They get to the house to find Mrs. Farbersen, the screaming lady, on the ground dying. Big Scary Man (tm) in a ski mask comes down the stairs and Chuck throws a knife at him so they can escape. A car chase ensues, and the kids make it home. 

Police come, arrest Chuck for having prints on the knife, and question Deena. Blah blah blah. Then the next day. we are re-introduced to Cher Lisa (also from The New Girl) as she tries to get Deena to do an exclusive interview for the school paper. 

The story goes on and on with Deena and Jade trying to find evidence clearing Chuck. They find a few things that we in real life know wouldn't hold up in court, but teens in books are dumb and think they have the key. At one point, Mr. Farbersen is interviewed on TV and OMG HIS VOICE IS THE SAME AS SKI MASK GUY!!! It's at this point anyone with half a brain realizes that Mr. Farbersen killed his own wife!! But it drags on a bit as the girls gather non-evidence and whine a lot. 

And it keeps dragging on. Deena visits Chuck in jail, Chuck says he'd go to the Farbersen house if he were out, then the light bulb goes off in Deena's head.

Jade and Deena go to the house, Ski Mask guy (a.k.a. Mr. Farbersen) catches them, cops come because of being psychic, and all is well in the world. Jade and Chuck hook up, Deena and Hunk agree to go do some coke together, the end.

Here we are at the end, and I need to give a rating. This wasn't as exciting as the last one. Story was good, writing was good, but the real killer was so predictable way early. From that point until the end, it seemed like a lot of filler content. So, my rating for The Wrong Number is...


Plus points for good writing and action scenes being pretty dang fun. Minus points for trying to stretch a short story into a full novel. 

If your're interested in reading this book, please consider using my Amazon affiliate link. I'm not paid or sponsored for this review. It's all just for fun.

November 10 - Vanilla Cupcake Day

I love cupcakes. All kinds of cake, actually. Being vanilla cupcake day is something I really should celebrate.


I bought these...

...with every intention of using them. However, I'm lazy and love cupcakes. My cupcakes never made it log enough for me to frost smoothly, find the powdered sugar, and decorate. That's probably a good thing though. My attempts to decorate baked goods usually end up looking like these:

I can bake like a boss, but I have no art skills. So if you ever have a chance to try my cupcakes, just keep your eyes closed and enjoy the bliss! :)

Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9 - Neon Sign Day

Giftypedia says today is Neon Sign Day. Let's commemorate this joyous occasion with some great neon signs!

and its more bitchy sister

We also have

and what I referred to in my youth as "strip joint street"

But my favorite joint of them all (and it's fabulous neon sign) is in a state to the east....GLITTER GULCH!

Sometimes, neon signs go wrong:

But here's the best neon sign of them all...

Your custom neon sign

Sunday, November 8, 2015

I just finished Fear Street #3 - The Overnight

I'm not reading these in order because I don't have them all and the book number doesn't show up in my Kindle. I'm sure I can fix that.

Today's book is Fear Street #3 - The Overnight. Have a cover:

This is one I didn't remember from my youth, but even those I remember by title/cover I've still forgotten most of. We shall get on the way with the review, but as always...

One day I'll make my own spoiler alert gif. That day won't be today.

Our story opens with a girl named Della looking in her locker. She is making sad faces about some lovey-dovey bullshit scratched in her locker that reminds her of the boyfriend (Gary) she recently dumped. Then it goes into how she didn't think he'd take her seriously, she didn't really want to break up with him, wah wah prom, and so on. Basically, a summary of teenage breakup woes.

We then learn about an overnight (SHOCK!) trip to Fear Island coming up for the school's Outdoor Club. Six students, one teacher, and one wild weekend of fun! Sounds normal, right? But WAIT! Mr. Teacher had to cancel because of some family thing. Will that stop a bunch of randy teenagers?

Della is super excited because Gary is in the Outdoor Club as well and this overnight is the perfect way to bring him back into her arms.....except not. Another Clubber named Suki is making her moves on Gary. So much so that Della overlooks Pete who is obviously crushing on her. Della thinks he's handsome, but she isn't giving up on getting back with her ex.

Oh, and I forgot to mention Della's BFF Maia. She cries a lot and is pretty paranoid, but that's about the extent of her role in this book.

So, they all decide to go without Mr. Teacher. What could go wrong? Well, splitting up on Fear Island probably isn't the best idea. This leads to Della being confronted by a murderous goon who tries to scare her. She throws him over the cliff as her friends sneak up and observe the whole thing. As in past books, they do the right thing and contact the police cover him in leaves. Right.

They go back to camp and hit the hay. Della is woken up by noise, pokes around at night, then goes back to bed. They all head home. But wait! There's more! They've taken a vow of secrecy to not tell ANYONE! They'll pretend they went on the trip and it was great. Yay!

After Della gets home, she realizes her wallet is gone! WTF? One other dude realizes his wallet is missing, and the two of them get stalked by someone - assumed to be the partner-in-crime of Mr. Dead Guy. I guess Dead Guy and Partner Man murdered some old guy together and escaped. Cue whining and crying, especially coming from Maia.

Mr. Teacher returns and announces that YAY he can make up the trip. Groans ensue but they can't get out of it, so they get ready for the trip back to Fear Island. Once on the island, Mr. Teacher is bopped in the head, Della smartly runs off to find something she left behind on the last trip, then is attacked by....who is that?? THE DEAD GUY! Guess he wasn't really dead after all.

Police get there in a timely manner, Not Dead Guy is arrested, and Della realizes she actually does like Pete and lets Gary and Suki go about their business. All's well that ends well.

So, I've got to say that aside from some stupid choices, this book is well deserving of


It was pretty good. Plus points for some side twists to add to the story, decent characters (aside from Maia), and an actual feeling of "What's going to happen next? OMG a bad guy is going to jump out and kill them!". Semi-minus points for some stupid decisions, but they are teens in a YA scary book so it's to be expected. Actual minus points for Maia.

I definitely recommend this book, and would appreciate it if you purchase it through my Amazon affiliate link, I'm not paid for this review, and it's all done on my own out of sheer boredom. Hope you enjoyed it!